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Complete Dentures
Dentists have been making dentures to replace missing teeth for centuries (we all know about George Washington’s wooden teeth!). We use many of the latest techniques and materials to fabricate your denture to maximize your ability to smile and chew with more confidence. If your specific denture needs require more stability and control, we can design your dentures to be used with dental implants, allowing your denture to function much more like your natural teeth. Our dental labs also use the latest processing techniques that provide for a more precise fit and increased strength of your denture. We also provide denture care that involves the immediate placement of dentures after your hopeless teeth are removed. These dentures are called “immediate” dentures and keep you from having to go without teeth! Dr. Ellis and our highly trained staff, can also offer same visit denture repairs when possible and other services that you may need.

Partial Dentures
Need a more affordable option for missing teeth? Allow us to explain the benefits of partial dentures. Partial dentures can replace missing teeth by using your existing natural teeth for support. With today's materials, we are able to complete your smile and in many situations WITHOUT SHOWING ANY METAL! As with all of our laboratory services, we offer a wide variety of techniques and materials to meet your specific short and long term needs.

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